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 Do you do consultations?

Yes we do! Consultations are free, and include your choice of up to three of our flavors to sample (see our list of flavors), enough for two people. For wedding cakes, if you decide to order from us the cost of the tasting will be counted towards the price of the cake. If you wish to arrange a tasting or consultation, please contact us at least 3 days in advance and we will arrange a meeting place! If you choose to order, we can create a color sketch for you to help develop your own unique cake design. We only ask that you respect our work by not taking that sketch to another cake artist to have them replicate it; part of what you are paying for is our creativity and we would not want another bakery to profit from our designs. 

I found a picture of a cake I like! Can you make this cake for me?

Out of respect for other artist's work, we will not exactly replicate a unique design. Not only do we like our cakes to be one-of-a-kind, but it would be like stealing their creativity. However, we can make you a cake that is very similar or inspired by the picture you found. Let us work with you; we are confident that we can create a personalized cake that you will love! 

Can I order a cake without fondant? 

Sure! Our buttercream is smooth, creamy and delicious, and makes a great covering for any cake. Keep in mind however that some decorative shapes and designs will not be possible to do on a buttercream cake. 

Is it really all edible? 

Yes! Everything we use (with the exception of the occasional plastic figure or fresh flower), from the coverings to the dyes to the paint to the glitter is completely edible and safety-approved. Most of it is simply sugar in various fancy forms. 

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